Getting your driver’s license and especially learning to drive properly is an important step in life. The increasingly crowded roads, as well as the difficult conditions on Quebec’s roads, make choosing the right driving school a big difference.
The Eureka driver training is designed to constantly expand and improve its services, which far exceed SAAQ exam standards.
We are committed to :
  • Provide you with flexible hours
  • Make you easily pass the license exam
  • Teach you control of the vehicle in all circumstances
  • Teach you to drive safely, environmentally and economically
  • Show you how to make the right decisions for autonomous driving
Whether it is to obtain a new driver’s license, to improve his driving in order to reduce the risk of an accident or to pay less for insurance, the student will always be put in front of all possible driving situations. Because driving is not child’s play, parents, do not take the driving training of your children lightly; give them the best training at Eureka