Is it true that the government imposes an hour of observation during which we do not drive, but we still have to pay?

This is absolutely true, except at Eureka. In reality the program only contains 14 hours of practice, but all driving schools will charge you 15 hours.
As the Eureka driving school management does not approve this practice, you will pay 15 hours and you will do 15 hours of practice. The observation time is free.

What is a recommended driving school?

As everyone knows, since January 17, 2010, driving courses have become mandatory in Quebec. The AQTR (Quebec Association of Transport and Roads) is responsible for the training of instructors and instructors, to provide the necessary teaching materials as well as to verify that the driving schools are in good standing in order to dispense the content of the courses. compulsory driving.
The AQTR also provides and monitors course certificates confirming that the course is regulatory and has been followed in its entirety.
Only schools that are recommended and accredited by the AQTR may give the compulsory driving course and provide the certificates required to obtain a driver’s license.

What is the procedure for obtaining a driving license?

You must first enroll in a driving school accredited by the AQTR and start phase I of the theoretical course. At the end of Phase I, the student performs a written test at the driving school. Following the successful completion of this test, the school presents a certificate of successful completion of Phase I.
The student can then ask the SAAQ for a learner’s license and continue the other 3 phases, which include 15 hours of alternating theoretical classes.
10 months after obtaining the learner’s permit, the student may take the SAAQ theory test provided that he has completed at least the theoretical part of his driving course; 2 months later, the practical exam can also be done at the SAAQ in order to obtain a probationary license.
This probationary license will have a duration of 2 years.

Am I required to take the mandatory driving course if I already have a driver’s license from another country?

No, but you may need to repeat the exams.
Also, some countries have reciprocal exchanges with Canada and it would then be possible to exchange licenses without having to repeat the driving tests.
The best way would be to contact the SAAQ at the earliest, to explain your case.
SAAQ: 514-954-7771

What is the SAAQ?

The Société de l ‘assurance automobile du Québec , a government-run organization that deals, among other things, with the issue of driver’s licenses and the registration of vehicles.

I dread to take my driving lessons in winter, is it better to take the practical courses during the summer?

First of all, it is important to understand that apprehension is not justified with regard to driving in winter. Most of the winter, the roads are also clear and almost in the same state as they are during the summer. The exception only occurs during snowfall and the aftermath of a storm. The vehicles of the Eureka driving school are perfectly maintained and equipped for driving in these conditions.
On the other hand, it is during the winter that you will need your car the most and sooner or later you will have to drive in winter. Those who have no experience of winter driving, will then improvise and risk much trouble and unnecessary expenses when winter arrives. Since it is impossible to avoid Quebec’s harsh winters, it is essential to learn how to drive and maintain your vehicle during this season. That’s why we strongly advise you to take your driving lessons during the winter and recommend to those who have obtained their driving license in summer to take a special course for driving in winter.