Check out These 4 Freakishly Secured Armored Vehicles in the World

Check out These 4 Freakishly Secured Armored Vehicles in the World

A regular human requires a normal car for the everyday purpose of traveling. However, if you fall into the category of a celebrity, a politician, or popular activist, chances are you have a lot of fans, and anti-fans. Now, while your fans might show you respect, love and reverence, those anti-fans will leave no stone unturned until they succeed in causing you inconvenience that might include attempts at your life.

This is why SWAT teams recommend, famous personalities to look out for armored cars for sale. Now, mostly armored cars are expensive and depending on the type of features they harbor, the cost is set accordingly.

This is why, if it’s your first time buying an armored vehicle, it is best to pick one on sale. However, to simplify your search, this blog will feature the best-armored vehicles that circulate today’s market.armored cars for sale

  1. LEXUS LS 460 L

One of the most extravagant armored cars for sale, this one is a bit hard to acquire. Encompassing numerous non-armored & armored features this one is the epitome of security and design.

It has a unique Lexus finish that can withstand a number of bullets and grenade blasts. Additionally, it can agitate 389 horsepower simply with an eight-speed automatic transmission; in layman’s terms the vehicle may be heavy but it is undoubtedly fast.

  1. Cadillac Escalade Esv

If you’re willing to bend your budget and not typically look for armored cars for sale then do consider investing in the Cadillac Escalade Esv. This one comes with a state-of-the-art interior featuring leather upholstery seats, flat screens, wood trims, and other equipment.

Additionally, the chassis of the Cadillac Escalade Esv is made extra strong and encompasses ballistic protection. Its exterior is made of steel and 40mm glass that can withstand any bullet attack. Plus, it is spacious and can run smooth and fast.

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  1. BMW 750 Li Sedan

The latest BMW 750 LI Sedan is basically a tank on wheels. Equipped with 400 horsepower engine, V8 it offers speed and harbors the capability to carry hundred pounds of ballistic steel.

Moreover, unlike its older counterparts that just secured the passenger area, this LI Sedan protects the entire car body. Additionally, this comes with a reinforced suspension that facilitates all-terrain driving.

  1. Mercedes-Benz S-Guard

Another gem in the market if you’re willing to spare a few dollars is the magnificent Mercedes-Benz S-Guard. Now, this one is generally not available if you’re looking for armored cars for sale, but buying this is a one-time investment. You are not only enhancing your status, but it almost resembles the real car while offering required protection.

Let’s Look at its Unique Features:

  • The S-Guard can block out continual bullets fired from M60 machine guns.
  • If you’re under a gas attack, then this model comes equipped with oxygen systems for interiors and will block out exterior vents.
  • Double pane glass windows to resist gas or bullet attacks.

Well, there you have it; these 4 are some of the most immaculate armored vehicles available today. Either buy these or look for similar models of armored cars for sale. Either way, don’t let anti-fans because you harm, and keep yourself ideally secured while traveling. To catch laest news about armored cars read here!